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Yahoo! TV


Branding, Visual Design, Interior design


May 4th, 2017


Yahoo! has many high-quality TV programs which are created by “Garage Live Room". Along with the user's growth, Yahoo! decide to upgrade the TV Studio that cost millions of dollars. I am part of the major designer in this project, we initiated the workshop to reach a consensus. As a result, we decided the "Dream Fly" proposal as our core design concept. Not only the creator can fulfill the dream they have, but also the audience can fly together by watching a video.

Press release

Yahoo! TV first overseas digital studio settled in Taiwan. The Studio grand opening since May 2017, many media reports the design details of the studio after actually came to visit.

Aligning with stakeholders

We received the challenge that the design team needs to complete the whole studio design details and cooperate with the Interior design company within 2 months. Therefore, we initiated the workshop for the core team including PM, Editor, Marketing, Designer, and Engineer. The team members wrote down the idea and share to others to reach a consensus. After the workshop, we organized the ideas and came out three design concepts through the design process.

Design Concepts

We came out the design concepts in 3 days. We stayed in the war room and discuss very frequently. After reviewed by high-level meetings, we decided to explore "DREAM FLY" more and put "Together" into the final proposal.

DREAM.FLY - Welcome to Yahoo Airlines

Defined visual personality and design guideline.

Due to the concept of "DREAM FLY", we inspired by the airport. We design the whole onboarding experience, you know which studio you should go by the clear indicator system. However, we get the feedback from users that indicator system looks so consistency and makes the good experience for them.

Design Hightlight - Anamorphic Design

Our magic moment is the anamorphic design area, our goal is that people take photos and leave the memory here. The big challenge is how to communicate and cooperate with an interior design company. However, we check-in regularly with them after delivering the materials and supervise the construction many times.

Overall impact in this project

This project is different from the previous UIUX design, we have to rethink the brand impression that brings to people from the product vision. I am glad to have this opportunity to participate in the whole process and create the perfect result with the core team. Although the time is very short, I create the concepts efficiency and sync up with manager very frequently. Through this experience, I learn how to develop a brand impression and communicate with different areas of the designer. I am looking forward to the next projects that I can apply the design process and experience to other projects.