Vogue.TV is a channel on SONY TV that takes you behind the scenes of the world’s greatest creative forces. From the comfort of your couch in 1080p HD you can find the latest in the world of fashion: model shows, interviews, trend reports, and beauty news.

Define Problem

We put a lot of resources on making high-quality video. However, according to the Google analysis of data, video visibility on the website wasn’t as high as we expected. Therefore, we were looking for a better platform for having a better promoting quality. After a long process on reaching out different media, we finally reached Sony which was the best fit for it’s target users and well-developed entertainment network.

Brainstorm possible solutions
The biggest challenge

In comparison to computers, television had one big challenge to overcome— limited control—and one great benefit—immersion. Taking those factors into account, we tried to make a unique channel that lets users get sucked into the experience quickly and comfortably. The SONY TV remote offers 4 color buttons, which we mapped to 4 different display modes through which a user can find any video using just the directional pad and the Enter button.

Sony entertainment network ( Launch 2013)
Build prototypes in HTML and CSS
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