VOGUE mobilesite redesign


VOGUE mobilesite redesign


UI/UX, Visual Design, Research


June 30th, 2015

Product Introduction

We overhauled the Vogue website specifically for responsive design on mobile devices. Using focused usage analysis, we optimized the mobile device layout so users can quickly access their most important items from the home page.

Problem ļ¬nding from current design

The current version of mobile has a high bounce rate due to the lake of insufficient content on the index page. In addition, loading high quality images and videos takes users too much waiting time so that users will easily run out of patient.

Brainstorm possible solutions

We wanted to make the site friendly for users who wake up and check their cell phone first thing in the morning. We started by positioning all index items on the home page so users can navigate without reloading the page. Images render proportional to the display size so users always have a full-screen shot. Altogether, this means that the user can quickly swipe through important items such as horoscopes, fashion tips, and galleries with less zooming and loading.

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